Bend Tattoo School Faculty


Edward Kehoe

Owner & Instructor

Edward opened Monolith Tattoo Studio with his wife in 2011 and since then, the studio has been awarded “Best of Bend” by The Source Weekly and continues to be the front-runner in quality tattoo artwork. Edward has been tattooing since 1988, he has apprenticed under some of the greatest in the industry and ran tattoo shops in Seattle, Portland, Denver and now Bend.


Melanie Kehoe

Owner & Instructor

Melanie left her career as a Retail Manager and Makeup Artist at MAC Cosmetics to open Monolith Tattoo Studio with her husband in 2011. Since the beginning and to this day, Melanie runs the business side of Monolith and in 2017, completed her training as a permanent makeup artist. Melanie attended business school and now runs one of the most successful small businesses in Central Oregon. Her experiences will offer a great learning opportunity for any students looking to enter the tattoo industry as a successful and efficient artist.


Andy Beswick


Andy began tattooing in 1996 and has tattooed, owned and run studios all over the U.S. Not only is he a very sought-after and successful artist, he is also a mentor to his peers and coworkers. Specializing in American Traditional tattooing and training styles, Andy will provide incredibly experienced instruction during the theory and practical portions of the program.


Maddie Lawrence

Admissions Advisor & General Manager

In 2016, Maddie began working at High Priestess in Eugene and Corvallis as a sales consultant and made the move to Bend Oregon in 2018 for the purpose of taking over as Monolith’s Studio Manager. After managing the move to our current studio, she ran the day-to-day until taking on the full development of the Academy. Maddie specializes in social media, communications and business operations with a focus on the tattoo industry.