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Monolith Tattoo Academy FAQ

Why Monolith Tattoo Academy?

In 2011, Edward & Melanie Kehoe had a vision to open a tattoo studio of monolithic proportions and standards. They wanted to have one studio with the best-of-the-best tattoo artists, each specializing in their own styles, all under one roof. Since its inception, Monolith Tattoo Studio has exceeded those expectations and so, in 2020 the Kehoe’s made the decision to move forward with their dream of providing a unique opportunity for upcoming artists to receive a specialized and advanced education in tattooing. Monolith Tattoo Academy is an excellent program with highly experienced instructors, superior curriculum, and exceptional facilities and supplies. Because your success starts here.

When can I apply?

You can apply at any time. If you are accepted, your term of enrollment will be specified in your acceptance letter. You can also specify which term of enrollment you’d prefer on your application.

How many times can I apply?

There is no limit on how many times you may apply; however if you are denied admission to Monolith Tattoo Academy for any reason, you must wait a 90-day period before reapplying. After the third denial, you must wait a 180-day period before reapplying.

Do you offer any payment plans, scholarships or grants?

Unfortunately no, not at this time.

How much does tattoo school cost?

$15,000 in total. This fee includes the application and enrollment fees, tuition, and supplies (i.e. tattoo machine and accessories, iPad and Apple Pencil, set of inks, all disposable supplies and more).

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Start your career as a professional tattoo artist by attending our Bend, Oregon tattoo school. Monolith Tattoo Academy offers tattoo education programs in Bend, Oregon.