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Oregon Tattoo School Led by a Monolithic Teaching Staff

By now, you know that to be a licensed tattoo artist in Oregon, you must attend an accredited tattoo school. But it’s important to know, not all Oregon tattoo schools are equal or interchangeable. Here in Bend, at Monolith Tattoo Studio, we saw how tattoo artists and permanent makeup artists started their careers and knew we could improve upon this with our decades of experience at the top of the tattoo industry. Edward and Melanie Kehoe set out to create an Oregon tattoo school that sets students up for success from the very beginning.

The Right Teacher Makes All the Difference

Before the State of Oregon passed laws requiring tattoo artists to attend a licensed tattoo school, tattooers typically learned by apprenticing with a seasoned tattoo artist. The practice of tattoo apprenticeship still continues in Oregon today, but it’s usually after the students have completed tattoo school and received their license. We love this approach to tattooing because students receive individualized attention and education in a style they want to pursue further into their careers.

At Monolith Tattoo Academy, we limit each cohort of tattoo students to five, which allows every student to receive personalized attention and instruction. We believe the smaller cohort size and our quality teaching staff sets us apart from other Oregon tattoo schools. Working with Edward, Andy and Teejay gives our students the necessary instruction for their skills to flourish.

A Master Class in Tattooing from Monolith Teaching Staff

If you want to start your career as a tattoo artist in Oregon, the right teachers make all the difference in setting you up for success. Attending Monolith Tattoo Academy means you’ll work side by side with Edward Kehoe and Teejay Hernandez — each with their own tattoo style and decades of experience tattooing all over the country.

Edward opened Monolith Tattoo Studio with his wife Melanie in 2011 and the shop has won “Best of Bend” by The Source Weekly readers every year since. Having started tattooing in 1988, Edward brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the tattoo industry to the table. Not only has Edward apprenticed under some of the greatest tattoo artists in the industry, but he has also successfully run shops in Portland, Seattle, Denver and now Bend. Edward specializes in large-scale, full-color tattoos and is an infinitely knowledgeable source for our students.

Teejay Hernandez is the newest member of the Monolith Tattoo Academy teaching faculty and we couldn’t be more pleased to have his cover-up know-how on board to pass along to the next generation of tattoo artists. Teejay has been tattooing since 1993 and specializes in bold, colorful tattoos and coverups.

We’re so excited to be able to offer an inclusive tattoo school option in Oregon, backed by an incredible faculty of master tattoo artists. We encourage you to learn more about our instructors by visiting their portfolios over at monolithtattoostudio.com and on Instagram.

Spend 3 Months in Bend at Oregon Tattoo School

At Monolith Tattoo Academy, we designed our three-month-long program to be accessible and inclusive. We encourage students from all backgrounds and all parts of the Pacific Northwest to join us for three months in Bend to attend Oregon tattoo school. Your career in the tattoo industry starts with a solid foundation built on practical skills that you’ll learn from talented master tattooers at Monolith Tattoo Academy in Bend, Oregon.

Edward Kehoe
Edward Kehoe
Tattoo artist teejay hernandez
Teejay Hernandez

Want to Learn from Master Tattooers?

Start your career as a professional tattoo artist by attending our Bend, Oregon tattoo school. 

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