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Words of Wisdom From a Monolith Tattoo Academy Graduate

One thing we noticed upon opening our tattoo school in Bend, is that the online resources out there typically don’t give you the perspective of an actual student. Testimonials can only provide so much information. At Monolith Tattoo Academy, we spoke with one of our Bend tattoo school graduates in order to accurately share what you can expect when attending classes on a daily basis. We asked recent Academy graduate Maddie Lawrence to help us share the tattoo school experience from a student’s perspective.

What to Expect from Tattoo School in Bend at Monolith Tattoo Academy

At Monolith Tattoo Academy, our mission is to cultivate artists who can improve the tattoo industry by utilizing their well rounded knowledge on the history, functions, and requirements of the industry and to apply their developed skill, creativity, and interpersonal skills. We offer a 360 hour program that focuses on preparing students for the State of Oregon Tattoo License Exam with 210 hours of theory and 150 hours of procedures.

Monolith Tattoo Academy operates Monday through Thursday from 10am to 6pm and is closed on all National Holidays. We have space for up to six students during one enrollment term at this time. Maddie completed our first enrollment term and has been tattooing in a studio since passing her license exam.

Tattoo School Daily Routine

Maddie Lawrence, Monolith Tattoo School Graduate“Before tattooing started, we spent our time drawing and studying for the tattoo license test,” Maddie says. “ Sometimes that was by taking notes on a lecture given by the instructors, reading through the textbook, watching instructional videos, or just having an open discussion. Weekly tests helped us keep track of the information we knew well and what we needed to study up on.”

Preparing for the State of Oregon Tattoo License Exam

Attending tattoo school in Bend at Monolith Tattoo Academy prepares students to not only pass the State of Oregon Tattoo License Exam, but for the realities of working in a tattoo studio. The skills you learn at MTA will help you succeed as a tattoo artist in the real world.

“I passed my license exam on the first try, along with all of my classmates!” Maddie says.

We pride ourselves on creating an open and encouraging environment where our students can thrive. Our small cohort sizes make it easy to communicate with your instructors and get the personalized attention necessary to become a skilled tattoo artist. “The instructors are accessible,” Maddy says. “And my peers and I compare techniques and trials daily.”

Why Choose Monolith Tattoo Academy?

“The instructors are really amazing and it was really helpful to have all the supplies provided so we didn’t have to figure out what to get before starting school,” Maddie says.

When we created MTA, we wanted to make attending tattoo school accessible and easy for dedicated artists willing to put in the time to reach their goals. That includes providing all of the supplies necessary to your career as a tattoo artist. Monolith’s tuition includes the application fee, enrollment fee, tuition, and supplies (i.e. tattoo machine and accessories, set of inks, disposables, and more).

“It’s the best program to prepare you for the Oregon license and exam while also having the best instructors with incredible experience,” Maddie says of the tattoo school program at MTA.

For Maddie and many of our current and former students, their favorite part of attending tattoo school in Bend at MTA has been the life-long friendships made, as well as tattooing their classmates.

Apply for Enrollment at Our Oregon Tattoo School

Monolith Tattoo Academy operates three enrollment terms a year, starting the first week of January, May and September. We are currently accepting applications for the January ‘23 and May ‘23 start dates. We limit our cohort size in order to provide personalized instruction to our tattoo students in Bend. We designed our three-month-long program to be accessible and inclusive. We encourage students from all backgrounds and all parts of the country to join us for three months in Bend to attend Oregon tattoo school.

Your career in the tattoo industry starts with a solid foundation built on practical skills that you’ll learn from talented instructors at Monolith Tattoo Academy in Bend, Oregon.

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