Inclusive Oregon tattoo school in Bend

Inclusive Tattoo School in Bend, Oregon: You’re Welcome Here

We started Monolith Tattoo Academy for many reasons, stemming from the fact that we knew that tattoo school in Oregon could be improved on. Everyone, future tattoo artists included, deserves to feel not only welcomed, but accepted for being their authentic selves. It brings us great joy to be able to offer an inclusive tattoo school in Bend, Oregon. It’s our hope that we’ll attract students from all over the Pacific Northwest to attend our LGBTQIA+-friendly tattoo school in Oregon.

The Importance of Diversity in Tattooing

inclusive Oregon tattoo school in Bend

At Monolith Tattoo Academy, everyone is welcome. No matter your skin color, your sexual orientation, your gender identity; Monolith Tattoo Academy has room for students from all different backgrounds. In welcoming students from all backgrounds, the tattoo industry becomes more open, more diverse and the art adorning bodies all over the country expands to include so many new styles. We want you to feel comfortable as an artist to not only attend and thrive in our Oregon tattoo school, but to push the limits of your own art.

Each term, all students have felt welcome and accepted at Monolith Tattoo Academy. We want to ensure that the next generation of tattoo artists have the skills necessary to be successful in their careers, while providing a safe and inclusive atmosphere. Here, we respect your pronouns and you as an individual. As artists, we have to support each other and create inclusive spaces for all of us to thrive.

Bend is LGBTQIA+ Friendly

Over the years, Bend has evolved to offer more events for the LGBTQIA+ community and we couldn’t be more excited to share some of our favorites with you.

June is, of course, Pride month, which means there are dozens of events happening in town, each tailored to different interests. While many people love Drag Brunch and Drag Plant Shopping at Somewhere That’s Green, others may be a bigger fan of Roller Pride, a new event this year that celebrates Pride at the roller rink. Pride in the Park brings together the entire community for an array of events and vendors, followed by plenty of after parties.

If you’ll be attending Monolith Tattoo Academy in the Winter, you’re still in luck! Bend is home to the Winter Pride Festival in March, which focuses on Pride outside, but has evolved to include events for those who aren’t into snowboarding. If you want to gather with other queer-identifying individuals on the ski hill, there are a variety of opportunities to celebrate Winter Pride at Mt. Bachelor.

Outside of Pride events, Out Central Oregon and Come Out Bend host monthly queer nights at local bars, including Dogwood Cocktail Kitchen and Canteen at the Campfire Hotel. Campfire Hotel also hosts regular Drag Brunch events, Drag bingo and more.

Diverse and Inclusive Oregon Tattoo School in Bend

This Pride month, and always, Monolith Tattoo Academy is proud to provide students with a diverse and inclusive tattoo school experience in Oregon. No matter how you identify, there’s a home for you at Monolith Tattoo Academy. We look forward to seeing your Oregon tattoo school applications filled with art that pushes the limits.

The last day to apply for Fall Term 2022 is Sunday, June 19! Visit our Bend tattoo school application and take the first step towards your dreams of becoming a tattoo artist in the State of Oregon.

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