microblading training in bend oregon

Advanced Tattoo and Microblading Training in Bend, Oregon

Are you a licensed tattoo artist interested in more advanced tattoo training or microblading training? Monolith Tattoo Academy is preparing to offer advanced tattoo training and microblading for licensed tattoo artists. Typically, tattoo schools in Oregon have focused on programs for new students looking to become licensed tattoo artists. At Monolith Tattoo Academy, we want to also provide licensed tattoo artists with opportunities to improve their skills and further their careers.

Microblading Training Coming Soon to Monolith

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “When will you start offering microblading training in Bend at Monolith Tattoo Academy?” We are currently in the process of developing curriculum and preparing to offer advanced training to licensed tattoo artists who have already completed their initial program. Microblading training won’t be offered as a standalone program without the skills and foundation of tattoo school.

Microblading and cosmetic tattooing have increased in popularity over the years and by adding this skill of microblading natural-looking hair strokes is an amazing skill to have in your repertoire as a tattoo artist. Within microblading, we will teach students the traditional method, as well as how to create hybrid and ombre brows. Tattooing the face is a big decision and we hope to train microblading experts who appreciate the delicacy and trust that goes into this process.

If you are a licensed tattoo artist interested in adding microblading to your skillset, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll respond with information as it becomes available.

Advanced Tattoo Training Courses

When it comes to the art of tattooing, there’s so much to learn and explore. Apprenticeships can be difficult to obtain, depending on where you live and the tattoo artists in your community. At Monolith Tattoo Academy, we want to be there for artists after the initial graduation from tattoo school. We’re currently working on advanced tattoo training courses for licensed tattoo artists looking to expand their skills and get a deeper understanding of certain styles and techniques.

We want to hear from you! If you are interested in advanced tattoo training from Monolith Tattoo Academy, let us know when you sign up for more information what types of training you’d be interested in and what length of course time – workshops, classes, etc. Want to learn realism or maybe sacred geometry? Let us know what continuing education tattoo workshops you’d like to see offered at Monolith Tattoo Academy.

Request More Information

Here at Monolith Tattoo Academy, we have big dreams of supporting and training future tattoo artists all across the country. If you are looking for advanced tattoo training courses or microblading training, fill out the form on this page to request more information when it becomes available.

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