Tattoo Program Overview

Monolith Tattoo Academy Program

Monolith Tattoo Academy offers a 360-hour tattoo program with the emphasis on the cultivation of well-rounded tattoo skills. Our Bend tattoo school application process allows applicants to accrue basic artistic skills before admission, guaranteeing the maximum amount of development during enrollment. We currently have space for up to 5 students during one enrollment term; however, the program start and end dates may vary for each student.


 The program’s instructional hours are typically Monday through Thursday, 10am to 6pm. All courses can be completed during a 3 month minimum timeframe depending on the student’s schedule; however, the program must be completed within a maximum of 4 months.


Once the theory portion of this program has been successfully and fully completed, enrolled students will advance towards the practical portion of this program. Practical hours will be predetermined by an Academy instructor based on their personal availability and confirmed with the student before booking begins.


Monolith Tattoo Academy will be closed on the following Holidays: July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas.

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Course Descriptions

  • Introduction to Monolith Tattoo Academy 

A brief introduction of the tattoo industry and ethics

  • Safety & Infection Control40 hours

What is the difference between sterilization and sanitization? Find out about that and how to avoid harmful viruses and bacteria that tattoo artists often come in contact with. 

  • Oregon Laws & Rules20 hours

Learn what it takes to become and remain a tattoo artist, how to apply for your license, and how to avoid expensive audits.

  • Business Operations20 hours

Discover the ins and outs of running a successful business, after all once you become a tattoo artist, you’ll be your own boss!

  • Skin20 hours

As an artist, skin is your canvas and you’ll need to know when it’s safe for you to tattoo a client and when it’s not.

  • Client Services20 hours

Find out what it’s like to work with clients and how to obtain the information you need for each tattoo appointment.

  • Design, Art & Placement10 hours

Harness your artistic style and learn critical techniques for becoming a tattoo artist.

  • Color Theory & Pigments10 hours

This section will help you understand how to combine and apply colors to your designs to amplify them.

  • Machines, Needles & Supplies60 hours

Learn about all the supplies and tools you’ll utilize throughout your career, how to order them, and how to service them.

  • Procedure10 hours

Understand how to apply a tattoo and perform a procedure from start to finish.

  • Practical Hours & Procedures150 hours – 50 Completed Procedures

This is the really fun part; When students get to tattoo! With the oversight of our master tattoo instructors, students will work with real clients and perform 50 tattoo procedures. From the consultation to the appointment, students will be working with their own designs and machines to begin harnessing their craft.

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Start your career as a professional tattoo artist by attending our Bend, Oregon tattoo school. Monolith Tattoo Academy offers tattoo education programs in Bend and we have an out-of-town option available.